Video: Bungie’s latest Destiny trailer reveals PlayStation-exclusive bonus content

Bungie has unveiled a Destiny clip to shed some light on the exclusive bonus content coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Check out the clip here.

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It always amused me when my mum would get distracted for a while by one of our Disney films. It’s when I realised cartoons weren’t just for kids! RIP Robin Williams.

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Beacon - The Monster of 7th and Tells by AdrianDadich

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This is actually such an amazingly motivational post because it explains visually exactly what art block is. Do you know what art block is?

Art block is that moment when you realise your skills could be so much more then they currently are. It frustrates you to draw because you can finally see your drawings differently. You can see where they can be better and you want them to be better. 
It’s not a matter of “I can’t draw today”, it’s a matter of “I imagined this would turn out so much better” and “there’s something missing, I just know it. What technique did I miss.”
You’ve got past that temporary phase of analysing and researching and now you’re able to incorporate it in your own work, you just need to figure out how, and when you get past that art block. Well, you’ll see the improvement before you know it. Slowly, but it’s there. And once you get comfortable with using those new skills you’ll move on and start analysing again, and you’ll see where you can improve.

Stay experimental and open to learn, it’s the quickest way to get over art block.

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Japanese Ukiyo-e: Rainy Night at Maekawa. Hasui Kawase. 1932



So in my basic drawing class we are learning to draw facial features and I couldnt help myself to draw eyes on all the lips

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie looks so good

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Famous Movies Scenes depicted as Children’s Books [X]

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Pixar artist Josh Cooley’s R-rated movies as children’s books

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